College of Urban Sciences, Yokohama National University

Yū Kawazoe
Dean, College of Urban Sciences

Join us in creating the cities of the future

From the Industrial Revolution to the present day, history has witnessed a demographic influx into cities and the formation of giant metropolises on a global scale. That pattern is on track to keep churning forward, with migration—both domestic and international—more active than ever. In other words, learning and contemplating cities equates not only to learning and contemplating human society itself but also framing visions for the future. Out of that awareness emerged the College of Urban Sciences, which opened its doors in 2017 to become Yokohama National University’s first new college in 50 years.

Cities are home to more than just people, of course; jobs, industries, infrastructural components, facilities, architectural spaces, information, and culture fill urban societies with diversions, pursuits, and joys. From events, concerts, and other forms of entertainment to cuisine, fashion, and shopping, cities bustle with activity of all kinds. At the same time, however, cities are also rife with challenges: isolation of the individual, loss of community, and coexistence within the context of mutual diversity are all issues that cities have to contend with. Furthermore, there are questions requiring careful thought about how to safeguard urban infrastructures against a wide array of risks, how to create—and recreate—urban spaces with value for the future, how to maintain sustainability from an environmental perspective on multiple fronts, and, most importantly, how to rehumanize society now that modernization has essentially run its course.

Cities are by no means inorganic, either. They have connections with nature, take shape as bodily experienced, sensory common spaces, and represent historical aggregates of human activity and memory—and those features add to cities’ unique allure.

All those elements will continue to converge on cities in a complex, cross-hybridizing fashion, constantly picking up speed. What could the future hold for urban societies? At the College of Urban Sciences, that question represents our core focus. With four departments—the Department of Urban and Social Collaboration, Department of Architecture and Building Science, Department of Civil Engineering, and Department of Risk Management and Environmental Science—and our commitment to transcending departmental boundaries, fusing the arts and sciences, and emphasizing practical wisdom, we pursue meaningful education and research. Our goal is to be a catalyst for ideas, a spark that propels students forward in creating the cities of tomorrow. I invite you to come to Yokohama, a vibrant, international port city, and join us in engaging with the future of urban communities.

Yū Kawazoe, Dean, College of Urban Sciences

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