College of Urban Sciences, Yokohama National University

Satoru SADOHARA, Dean,
College of Urban Sciences

Inaugurating the College of Urban Sciences—Our First New College in Five Decades

Yokohama National University established the College of Urban Sciences in April 2017—our first new college in 50 years. While cities are settings that produce value and innovation, they also face numerous problems, such as disaster risks and increasing social friction. Additionally, forecasts have been made that more than 60 percent of the world’s population will be concentrated in cities by 2050, and it is no exaggeration to say that the state of cities will influence the future of humanity.

The College of Urban Sciences promotes the systematic acquisition of knowledge and practical studies of cities, so that we can create better cities and better urban societies. To that end, this new college is composed of the following four departments:

Each department offers wide-ranging studies with its themes of what a city should be like. We also consider how each department relates to and collaborates with the others. In addition, we have established three key themes: ‘global-local,’ ‘coexistence with risks,’ and ‘innovation’—as knowledge required for all aspects of city planning and the development of urban societies. Students will learn both concepts and specific examples of these themes.

Since humanity began, we have shifted from being hunter-gatherers to an agricultural society, then to an industrial one, and now to an information society. We are on the verge of a fifth type—referred to in Japan as “Society 5.0.” The importance of cities will increase in this new society. All of you who study what cities should be like, or their relationships with other cities, and their natural surroundings, carry the future of humanity in your hands. We are looking forward to seeing you emerge from the College of Urban Sciences to take an active part in such activities all over the world.

Satoru SADOHARA, Dean, College of Urban Sciences

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