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Department of Urban and Social Collaboration

The Department of Urban and Social Collaboration will assist students in acquiring a wide range of knowledge and developing practical skills aimed at enabling them to pursue careers that focus on urban societies and cultures. The program will offer a broad range of classes in humanities and social sciences that contribute to insights relating to the creation of open and attractive urban societies and cultures.

Students are expected to gain new knowledge and insights into behavior concerning the dynamics of human collaboration through studying humanities and social sciences, together with exploring disciplines in the natural sciences, as well as paying attention to the development and impact of technology on various forms of societies and cultures. The department will encourage individuals to take active and continuing roles both locally and globally and to participate in the creation of attractive urban societies and cultures.

Our curriculum comprises four main areas of study: social analysis (sociology, political science, history), foreign studies (area studies, cultural anthropology, development studies, among others), sociocultural critics (contemporary thought, literature and literary criticism, media theories, and related areas of study), and art and culture (such as aesthetics, art studies, and popular culture theories). A wide range of academic disciplines and intellectual practices will be incorporated and studied.

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